What do we do?

Buying a car can be difficult and confusing. There are so many different makes, models, and manufacturers that it's easy to get confused. The time you could spend researching each one is enormous!

We created Quartermile.net to help cope with this issue. Our team has years of experience in the car business and we enjoy helping people just like yourself make the right choices when speaking about the quarter-mile. With our expertise, we'll find you a great deal on your next vehicle purchase without all the headache or confusion.

So, why is 1/4 time so important for a car and what is the difference between 0-60 times? The quarter-mile time is an important factor in determining the top speed and acceleration of a car. It is measured by how long it takes your car to cover 1/4 of a mile or 0.25 miles. This is how fast you can get from zero-to-sixty (0-60 for short) times also affect the car's performance; however, this metric is used to measure not only top speed but overall horsepower.

Quartermile.net has created a large database that allows you to search any make and model to find this car specification. Our mission is simple: provide the most comprehensive information possible for car enthusiasts, hobbyists, and racers. If you would like to contribute, please feel free to contact us at any time!

Just a few words from the founder

I'm George A. Engelhardt. I've always loved to create things, whether it's making a new video game or building a website.

The idea for Quartermile came from my love of exploring different car specifications and street racing. Yes, what was a time!.. I graduated from college with a degree in Arts, but after time as an entrepreneur, it became clear to me that what really turns me on is marketing. But finally, I decided to create my own company with my friend programmer, that is when we founded this site and started running it together!