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2023 BMW M340 Quarter Mile

How fast is a 2023 BMW M340 in the quarter-mile?

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2023 BMW M340 0-60 Times

i 4dr Rear-Wheel Drive Sedan

Horsepower - 382 hp

It is the same for all trims.

It is the metric used to indicate the power produced by a BMW M340 engine, it means the power of your car.

Horsepower rpm - 5,000

It is the same for all trims.

It is a parameter that shows the number of engine crankshaft revolutions at which the maximum power (number of horsepower) is reached.

Torque - 369 Lb-Ft

It is the same for all trims.

Torque, simply, is the ability of a vehicle to perform work.

Torque rpm - 1,600

It is the same for all trims.

It is a parameter that shows the number of engine crankshaft revolutions at which the maximum torque is reached.

0-60mph 0-100kmh s - no data

This parameter shows how long it takes to accelerate the vehicle from a standing position to 60 mph (Which is equal to 100 km/h).

1/4 mile time - no data

It is a time it takes a BMW M340 to travel a 1/4 mile.

1/4mile speed - no data

It is the maximum speed the BMW M340 can reach on a 1/4 mile section.

Curb weight - 3849 lb

This is how much the vehicle weighs sitting on the curb with no driver, passengers, no cargo and no load with all standard options.

i xDrive 4dr All-Wheel Drive Sedan

Find Out How Fast 2023 BMW M340 does the quarter mile

Some enjoy it speedy, do not they? Right here we will speak about how quickly are… automobiles, needless to say. Particularly, about dynamic features of your 2023 BMW M340. To be more precise: it can be about speeding up, not velocity, even though it is hard to visualize a given auto offering one notion without having the other. Very much depends on the motor strength. Pretty much, although not all. So, what exactly is the meaning of the phrase “quarter mile”? It is the quickest time, wherein an automobile can run the lane of the quarter mile (400 m) on a straight blacktop beginning from a standing point.

You won’t find a sticker label with a “quarter mile” information and facts inside your automobile. That is understandable: no person has an interest in provoking the motorist to determine if the manufacturer provided the right info on the vehicle’s maximum acceleration potencies. However, this parameter is really important, so below, we aggregate its specs for every new 2023 BMW M340 with all the trims and engine features.

Now, if the words “quarter mile” are making in your mind a strong association with this sort of risky things and dangerous men as street racers, you will end up somewhat astonished when we let you know that it is about protection too. Not you should invest in a racing vehicle, but there are plenty of streets circumstances when a excellent torque power would greatly assist you to undertake it safely – first and foremost when doing a maneuver of overtaking a vehicle. Please do not forget no automobile can accelerate effectively on the slick streets or on slippery car tires, and the proper repair of your 2023 BMW M340 is entirely up to your discretion.


BMW M340 1/4 mile times may differ due to factors like engine specs, transmission, road surface, weather conditions, altitude, and driver experience

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