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2004 Porsche 996 Quarter Mile

How fast is a 2004 Porsche 996 in the quarter-mile?

Find Out How Fast 2004 Porsche 996 does the quarter mile

Some prefer it quickly, do not they? On this page we will talk about how fast are… vehicles, obviously. Particularly, about dynamic qualities of the 2004 Porsche 996. To be more precise: it is about speeding up, not velocity, though it is tough to imagine a particular auto offering one property minus the other. Significant portion is dependent upon the engine power. A lot, yet not all. So, what exactly is the concept of the expression “quarter mile”? It is the quickest time, during which an automobile can run the distance of the quarter mile (400 meters) on a direct blacktop beginning from a standstill position.

You won’t locate a sticker label with a “quarter mile” information and facts within your vehicle. That’s easy to understand: no one is interested in provoking the driver to determine if the brand presented the right details about the vehicle’s optimum acceleration capabilities. Nonetheless, this parameter is actually significant, so below, we update its specs for each and every new 2004 Porsche 996 with all the current trims and engine specs.

Now, in the event the phrases “quarter mile” are making in your head a strong association with these kinds of risky issues and risky guys as dragsters, you will be a bit shocked if we explain how it is actually about safety also. Not that you ought to buy a racing auto, but there are lots of street situations when a excellent torque power would greatly allow you to get it done more securely – to start with when performing a maneuver of overtaking an automobile. Please do not forget no auto can accelerate properly on the slippery streets or on slippery car tires, and the excellent repair of your 2004 Porsche 996 is entirely on you.


Porsche 996 1/4 mile times may differ due to factors like engine specs, transmission, road surface, weather conditions, altitude, and driver experience